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Darte, I had not immersed myself in your gallery for a while. Ahhh, pure enjoyment.
Lynette Lynch - 14 May 2021
Nancy, these are unique and beautiful So pleased you are still such a talented artist!
Jocelyn (from 36 West) - 13 Jun 2020
You're one unique painter and colorist. Here in your passion for scientific exploration is where the naturalist in you really stands out.
Mary Ann - 17 Aug 2019
Holy cow! Can’t believe that this is the first time I’ve seen this gorgeous site. It is easy to maneuver and look around and uploads immediately. Congratulations. Now to the art part. OMG what fun I had clicking on every photo of every painting. I am in love with all the rocks, yes the birds are wonderful but all those rocks, rock me. Very proud of you and hoping your devotion can be shared across the miles.
Roberta Raigh Pryor - 12 Apr 2019
Darte, How wonderful to see so many of your paintings all in one place. I love the birds and the viruses (did I see one on the cover of a magazine?) and, especially, the Montana dinosaur! Amazing work.
Bonnie Geiger - 16 Sep 2018
Everything looks really good. Especially liked the birds. Good job with web site. Silla
Priscilla Brenner - 13 Feb 2018
Darte! You are an amazing painter/artist! I have always loved your paintings and all of these are truly beautiful! I am rather partial to the birds but all are wonderful! xo
Denise Nemzek - 12 Feb 2018
Wonderful web site! Love the birds... well, and every other one too.
Roberta - 8 Feb 2018
Always saw your paintings as wonderful - and not just because I know and love the artist. They deserved a great website which they now have. Congratulations and GREAT BIG BEST WISHES! ! ! e.
Eileen Slowikowski - 7 Feb 2018
Wow! An impressive body of work. I do especially love the malaria, and the ants! And your birds are all beautiful.
Elizabeth White - 7 Feb 2018
Beautifully done. A fantastic gallery of your work displayed in a manner to highlight your diversity and creativity. Love it.
Linda - 7 Feb 2018
what a talent you are, Darte. I'm so impressed and inspired. Keep it up.
Michelle - 7 Feb 2018
Wonderful web site! Love the birds... well, and every other one too.
Roberta - 6 Feb 2018
Great site and great work, Darte!! I’m impressed by both your art and your gumption in getting the site together. Particularly love your dinosaurs emerging from the primordial sludge, your worms (or paramecium or whatever they are: very lovely!) and your insects.
Josie Mendelsohn - 6 Feb 2018
Darte, you continue to be an inspiration for me...with your work and now your website. Congratulations...looks great. 2018 promises to be a fantastic year!
Anne Goodall-Wheeler - 2 Jan 2018
You have done a wonderful job -- both the website and of course, the art works. Can't wait to see what's new when we come to visit in October 2018! Happy New Year!
Karen Nielsen - 1 Jan 2018
Happy New Year, Darte. I am a huge fan of your artwork and love your new release.
Jill - 1 Jan 2018
I really like your science phase. It's evolutionary!
Paula Ziegelasch - 31 Dec 2017
Wow Darte! Amazing talent. Love your bio and paintings are very cool. Congrats on beautiful site!
Sheila Colombana - 28 Dec 2017
Really nice! You have arrived!
Martha - 28 Dec 2017
Elegant! Brilliant! Love your Bio, too!
Lynette - 26 Dec 2017
Great pictures and paintings, Darte. Your site looks really good. Tom
tom ewald - 25 Dec 2017
Pretty cool, how's it feel to be famous?
Walt Darte - 22 Dec 2017
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